Truck-unit with semi-trailer X-LINER

The BFZ semi-trailer combination is mainly intended to transport cars and vans.
The special profile of the platform and the air suspension enables to load practically
any type of vehicle. This special shape also has a positive effect on the quality and
safety of the road performance of the trailer.

Main features 

  • The full air suspension improves the traction of the entire unit, which significantly increases road performance in terms of safety and comfort on uneven surfaces
  • The air suspension allows the loading floor to be lowered by 10 cm to make it easier to load vehicles
  • The wide ramps with an loading angle of 6 ° ensure a sufficient safety distance to the bumpers of vehicles to be driven on the platform
  • The special side profile enables fast and secure attachment of the transport safety transport belts
  • Pneumatic brakes with ABS system and double wheels mounted on 6-tonne axles increase the roadworthiness



Strong and compact structure is the advantage of our vehicles, which facilitates operation in difficult road conditions.







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