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BFZ is a pioneer in introducing modern production technologies in the industry of road assistance up to 5 tons. The company develops its own technological thought, optimizing the production process, introduces technical innovations. A team of designers and engineers develops innovative structural solutions.


From the beginning, the company has been associated with the automotive industry for which it designs and produces aluminium structures to transport vehicles. The company has references in the European countries.

Production process

BFZ welders, some of the best experts in the art of welded joints, professionals who carry out welded connections with Tig and Mig methods. Honesty, integrity and professional approach to each task are the main features of our production team.

Materials for production

To product platforms, we use only aluminium and stainless steel , and due to this solution, our products are without any signs of rust and corrosion for their entire lifespan.


A team of designers and engineers develops innovative structural solutions. As a result, we are pioneers in the implementation of practical solutions for a user of a vehicle.

Why Us

BFZ is a solid and reliable producer of vehicles structures. It owes this position to long-term action-oriented innovation, process improvement and continuous improvement of quality.

  • Robust design
  • Innovative ideas
  • Modern solutions
  • Guarantee for 5 years
  • Well thought-out functionalities

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